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The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.
Leonard Ravenhill
My Story...
I have always loved business.

I was raised by an entrepreneur...I don't think my brain thinks any other way.

I tried it all.

I joined my first MLM when I was 18. I remember seeing the women walk across stage, collecting their 5 figure checks and sharing their rags-to-riches stories. 

I was so inspired.

I went to work. Spent thousands on inventory. I built it the way they told me to. With home parties and adding names to my contact list every day.
I was spending more than I was making and honestly I was young and immature.

I got married to my amazing husband, Andrew and 4 kids followed every 2 years like clockwork. :) I love being a mom. It's my greatest and highest calling. I would take acting out the characters in a book and hearing their giggles to speaking on a stage in front of thousands any day. 

However, I love being an entrepreneur too. I just didn't know if there was anything that would offer me the freedom to stay home with my babies and earn a significant income. 

Shortly after my first was born, I tried a product from another Network Marketing company. I started to tell a few people about it, and thought, "Why the heck not, I'll give it another go." 

A year later, Andrew quite his job and we jumped all in (even though we weren't making very much, we did have a little in savings). This wasn't our brightest moment.

Frankly, we didn't have the mentorship we so needed. The company we were in did not embrace leveraging social media to grow our business.

I was running my kids to the park and library multiple times a week. Andrew would go to the mall and roam around dressed up just to strike up conversations with sharp-looking people. We were building disingenuous relationships just to grow our business. It was rough.
Although we did ok in our business, the money dried up and after a few months, my husband got a job again.I found Live Video in the fall of 2015 and fell in love (anyone remember Periscope?).

I thought I found it. Online Business was my jam. One-on-one coaching. Group Coaching. Information products.  Funnels. I thought I hit the jackpot.

But what frustrated me, was that I took on all the risk. I had to prove the concepts, products, and systems myself.  

There were so many variables and I got burnt out fast.

My husband had been in insurance for a couple years at this point and wanted to start his own company. 

I put everything on the back burner, and honestly took a much need break. 

I helped with the branding and marketing in my husband's company and we had the blessing of growing that organization to a multi-million dollar business in 2 years.

And that's when what I can only describe as a divine moment, my husband encouraged me to join my company I am with now.

I thought he had too much wine at dinner. I really did not have it on my radar. 

Join another network marketing company? Now?

With 4 kids under 7 (2 of which I am homeschooling)? While we are growing another company?

But something inside of me knew...he was right! 

And then it all came together. 

I could bring all of my expertise of online business, marketing, branding, and funnels to this amazing industry that actually really does create RESIDUAL income!

I did my research. I didn't jump. I waited. And I prayed. 

God led me here...there is no other explanation.

And this is why I chose the company:
Why this One...
✔️ A Stable Company that has been around for years (ground floors also come with a lot of risk - believe me, we started one).
 ✔️An innovative company that is hitting momentum. There couldn't be a better time!
✔️Incredible Leadership that builds with Online Marketing Strategies
✔️ A Product that People Love to Promote and is easy to Promote on social media
✔️A System that Duplicates
✔️ A Business Model that would Enhance my Personal Brand
What do you get when you join my team...
Scripts & Templates
  • Prospecting Scripts & Social Media Templates from the Top Earners in the Company. 
Value: $97
Social Media Prospecting Training
  • Attract Clients and Team Members to you, without constantly spamming your newsfeed. #spamisforrice
Value: $97
Personal Branding & Messaging Training
  • I'll help you hone in your own Brand and Messaging to attract ideals prospects for your team and product to you.
Value: $497
Private Team Facebook Group with Step-by-Step Videos and Training: 
  • No guessing what is working...implement right away for results!
  •  Weekly Training to help you fool-proof your business
Value: $697
Support Access to Some of the Top Earners in the Company
  • Get your Questions Answered from 6 and 7 figure Earners in the Company
Value: $997

You get all of this included when we partner together!
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